At Staffordshire Benefit Consulting, LLC, we understand that Employers are busy managing their businesses.  Therefore, we offer complete retirement plan administrative services for Employers of all sizes.  Our services are customized to ensure that our clients are able to provide a compliant retirement plan which is understandable, operationally feasible, and meets the needs of the Employer and their employees.  Our services include:

A.  Plan Document Services include the drafting of a new plan document or the complete amendment and restatement of an existing plan due to changes in either plan design or changes required by the government.  This will include, where applicable, submission of the document to IRS for a letter of determination.

B.  Annual Administration Services are designed to meet Federal Reporting and Disclosure Regulations and include:

  • Year End Data Collection
  • Applicable non-discrimination tests
  • Employer Plan contribution allocation
  • Trust Accounting
  • Comprehensive Annual Valuation Report
  • Individual employee statements, if applicable
  • IRS Form 5500 and any applicable attachments
  • Summary Annual Report for participants

C.   Supplemental Services are ancillary services to enhance the overall operation of the Plan as necessary:

  • 401(k) Payroll Processing
  • Employee Beneficiary Designation
  • Benefit Payments and Loan Processing
  • Enrollment and Employee Communication Meetings

D.    Consulting and Design Services include answering all questions concerning the procedures and operation of the Plan.